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Klimanøytral landslag

Klimanøytral landslag

FN har godkjent NIHFs A-landslag som verdens første klimanøytrale landslag – uansett idrett. Vi er veldig stolte over den sertifiseringen vi nå har blitt tildelt.

 Sitat fra FN om samarbeidet:

“We are delighted to see leading sports organizations such as the Norwegian Ice Hockey Team taking a lead on climate action. Their example is fundamental to encourage others to act, including their suppliers, partners and fans. We welcome the team to Climate Neutral Now!”, said Niclas Svenningsen, Manager of Global Climate Action at UN Climate Change.


The world’s first «climate positive» national team


Sports and the entertainment Industry have a fundamental role to raise awareness for climate action, and now the Norwegian national hockey team takes the lead.

Telia, through its subsidiary Get, is the main sponsor of the Norwegian ice hockey league, the Get League, and the Norwegian ice hockey team. At the same time, they are passionate about sustainability and want to protect the future of winter sports. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for Get to present the world’s first «climate positive» hockey team.

The Norwegian national team is doing a lot to reduce its carbon footprint, including reusable bottles and tap water avoiding plastic bottles, recycling bins at every event, using online ticket system, using of public transportation, shortest possible distance between hotel and arena, only use of hotels that have good routines for sustainability and sale of used equipment for supporters / clubs.

- We have been passionate about making the sport more sustainable and being a positive example to all the people we meet and interact with. Now we are truly taking the lead on fighting climate change, and as a national hockey team is feels really to good to be in the lead, says Ottar Eide, General secretary in the Norwegian Icehockey Assosiation

Both the practitioners and the supporters have been very concerned with sustainability and they already do a lot to reduce their own footprint. But still, the team must travel around for playing matches and unfortunately these trips often involve taking a flight since there are long distances and the time period between matches are limited.

Recognizing this Telia, together with the national hockey team, decided to make their 2019 season not only climate neutral, but climate positive. This means that the full team will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to their sports season as much as possible, and then over-compensate for the unavoidable emissions using United Nations-certified credits through CHOOOSE.

-  The hockey team is, and must be, a positive social contribution. They contribute to activation, cohesion, talent development, and local communities. In this, it makes good sense to also include sustainability. The Norwegian national hockey team can lead the way as a good example for many by taking real climate action and we are very happy to support that effort, says Sebastian Eidem, communication manager and responsible for sustainability at Telia.

Certified by the UN

The national Norwegian Hockey team’s efforts to act on climate change, both by measure their footprint, reduce with local initiatives and offset the unavoidable emissions by buying carbon credits through CHOOOSE, has now made them certified as an official part of the

UNs climate program Climate Neutral Now.


-  Making the Norwegian hockey team the world's first climate positive national team is a true honor, and we are proud to collaborate with someone who really uses their position to both spread awareness globally and to take real action. They are already climate champs, so now we wish them the best and hope they will be world champions as well, says Andreas Slettvoll, CEO at CHOOOSE.